Every Time you install Phototex on your walls or surfaces  

Phototex protects your walls from damage & Enhances your Spaces

Peel & Stick yourself, – then peel it off Forever Damage Free 


Since its launch in 2007, Phototex has earned its reputation as the revolutionary, Industry changing & innovative non damaging peel and stick, adhesive invention.

It is an eco-friendly, highly durable and sustainable product, application and process for walls, surfaces, windows, floors, doors and ceilings.

No more wall or surface damage! Use and remove, reposition, re-use as many times as you like, then recycle it when done!

PHOTOTEX Peel & Stick Fabric

 The innovative  fabric 

for Print  and Visual Communications

Phototex is an innovative peel & stick, multi-patented, repositionable and re-useable  self-adhesive fabric print, and display material made of 100% polyester fabric. Phototex was conceived from a vision to a reality and has become the worlds leader in adhesive fabric peel and stick fabric and wallcovering technology

Phototex, short for Photographic Image Quality on Textile Material was born. Phototex became the very first in the industry to develop a polyester peel & stick, removable, repositionable media. It includes one-of-a-kind advantage and solution,  such as the ability to bleed to the edges and not curl, handle extreme temperature changes and be removed years later without damaging the material or wall.woww 

Phototex defies all the limitations and failings of adhesive films. Especially PVC, pastable or wettable wallcoverings that all use PVC, plastisol or related plastics.

Save time and money on every install
Save even more when you can just pull it off the wall yourself
damage free!

Since its launch in 2007, Phototex has earned and maintained its reputation as the most innovative peel and stick, self adhesive invention and solutions for the display, advertising and Branding industry. So much so, that often it is the best kept secret within a print environment .

Pull off and replace immediately or 

return your walls to their previous conditons 

Save Hundreds or thousands on every installation 

& use less materials, less waste and less labour

How the journey began… Derric Landor had established Landor UK in 2003 with a vision to personalise and support more personally and passionately problem solving, new generation, revolutionary products and applications to meet the fast changing imaging marketplace. His first glance at unique and speciality products started with the challenges and support working with Electrostatic toners in the Pre-Inkjet period.
As Inkjet rapidly overtook and replaced Electrostatic printers Derric was looking for something more challenging than selling rolls of inkjet paper. Selling paper didnt really offer him the challenge he was looking for.
Initially Derric came across liquid lamination coatings for inkjet technology which at that point was the only way to guarantee the life of a print for more than a few weeks, certainly outdoors at least (more like a day before it rained!)

2007, – Walter, a few years earlier, had however already by now successfully introduced and demonstrated Phototex peel & stick at a printing equipment trade show in Toronto, Ontario. This had of course  received interest from several groups, including one in particular with a unique idea to use the material as a temporary install. It would be to promote the 2004 Olympics apparel in all the Roots department stores across Canada. They found Phototex peel & stick versatile, as the material doesn’t rip, wrinkle or stretch. Plus, it was easy to install and remove without damaging the wall.

By now Walter had asked for the North American rights for the Phototex peel & stick. The material was so well received that it made the front cover of Digital Output in January 2004 and was quickly recognized as one of the greatest materials ever invented for the sign and grphics industry.

He began promoting the material at sign shows across the continent.

As this “Black Art” was progressing slowly, Derric by complete accident came across Walter Gierlach, the founder of Phototex Group USA, and the rest is History. Seeking a way to bring a value added solution from Liquid lamination to wall coverings, Derric immediately spotted the value of doubling the life of wallpaper prints with his liquid lamination and it was at this point he saw the merit of joining liquid lamination with Phototex..

During this time, by 2007, As Derric’s business was growing, Walter was looking for a partner to support his Phototex discovery beyond the USA borders he was working, so together Derric and Walter chose to work closely to expand into the european sector. Soon after this relationship started Derric was approached by Channel 5 as they were doing a “DIY SOS” theme on the gadget show and they were looking for a competitor to Tommy’s hand pasting method of wallpapering, with Suzie Perry as Tommy’s competitor using Phototex. Derric took to the challenge, printed Phototex himself and hand delivered it to The set of the gadget show. By early 2010, Phototex was already making headway into the market as the first and only easy peel and stick printed wallpaper but soon it became more than that. Many self adhesive vinyl applications soon switched over to Phototex. Labour, time, vulnerability, failure, and skill needed for installing vinyl was no match for the advantages and benefits of using Phototex. During the gadget show “Louise’s Cat” a digital bespoke wallpaper, installed by Suzie Perry won against Tommy’s hand pasted and generic wall covering!

Currently, Phototex is offered in 26 sizes and types with two coatings and three versions. The material is widely used in shopping centres, museums, schools, pop up shops, homes, stadiums, businesses and exhibition centres across the globe.

Phototex has received a multitude of awards from printers’ printing on media and has expanded into all the America’s, Europe and Australia, and many other countries.

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