Design Community: Discover the revolutionary Benefits That Phototex Peel and Stick Fabric Brings to your Designs

As leaders in the design world, you understand the critical importance of choosing materials that not only meets aesthetic standards but also offers sustainability and versatility. We are excited to introduce you to PhotoTex, our revolutionary peel-and-stick adhesive fabric, which is transforming the way designers approach temporary and permanent displays.

Why PhotoTex Stands Out

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: PhotoTex is not just another adhesive material. Unlike PVC and other less sustainable options, PhotoTex is designed with the environment in mind. It’s eco-friendly, recyclable, and leaves no residue when removed, ensuring that your surfaces remain pristine and your environmental impact is minimized.

Versatility and Reusability: The unique properties of PhotoTex allow it to be repositioned and reused multiple times without losing its adhesive quality. This makes it an ideal choice for projects that require flexibility, such as exhibitions, temporary displays, or seasonal decorations. When you’re ready to change things up, simply peel off the fabric and apply it elsewhere, or recycle it responsibly.

Superior Quality and Protection: Our advanced digital coating processes ensure that PhotoTex maintains vibrant colors and sharp images, while also offering protection against abrasion, UV rays, chemicals, and water. Additionally, we offer anti-microbial coatings for applications in hygiene-sensitive environments, providing an extra layer of safety and durability.

A Call to Action for Designers

Despite the numerous benefits, we often find that our specifications are not fully disclosed or are replaced with cheaper, less sustainable products. This not only undermines the quality and sustainability of the final project but also denies you the opportunity to experience the full range of benefits that PhotoTex offers.
To address this, we can send you a sample of Phototex. We invite you to explore the possibilities this revolutionary material can bring to your designs. Whether you’re adorning the walls of a museum, creating a dynamic retail display, or enhancing a residential space, PhotoTex provides a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Let’s Collaborate

We are eager to work with you, guiding you through the unique features and applications of PhotoTex.
Our goal is to ensure that you have all the information and support you need to make the most of this innovative material. By collaborating, we can inspire new ideas and opportunities, enhancing the decoration and adornment of your artworks in ways that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible and rewarding
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Get Inspired with PhotoTex

Imagine the added pleasure and inspiration you’ll experience as you transform spaces with a material that not only meets your design standards but also aligns with sustainable practices. When the time comes to move on to new projects, PhotoTex can be recycled, continuing its life cycle in an eco-friendly manner.
Thank you for considering PhotoTex for your design needs. We are confident that this innovative product will exceed your expectations and provide you with endless possibilities for creative expression.


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Transform your designs with Phototex – the ultimate choice for sustainable, versatile, and high-quality adhesive fabric.

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