Almost every adhesive vinyl and film will leave residue behind when removing your stickers, posters, advertising and promotional signs and graphics

Whether you are using stickers to adorn your walls or your windows, your doors or your counters, almost every sticker you buy will leave some amount of residue when ready to remove. 

When it comes to taking down your last digital printed wall, decoration or  advertisitng, surface on your walls, window or doors, the largest challenge facing you will be the discovery that your removable vinyl is not so removable! 

It is never quite what you thought! Once you start peeling off your last decoration you will immediately realise that its going to take time to get this off the wall, and unfortunately this will take alot of time 


Do not worry, one certainty you have when using phototex peel and stick removable fabric not only removes painlessly every time and as many  times as you like, but you can re-use it also without any damage or degradation of the adhesive. Also no more stretching and breaking into hundreds of pieces when trying to remove your stickers when you use Landor Phototex self adheisve fabric! 

The good news is that you do not need to do this again! Next time we can help you to achieve 100% residue free, removable and even repositionable use of all your stickers when using Landor Phototex peel and stick adhesive fabric 

If you havre been unfortunate to discover that your removable sticker or posters are not as removable as you thought or was told it would be, then we have written a small article for you to help you carefully remove your stickers and posters with reduced or no damage, but you will have to take time out to do this carefully and you are entirely at the risk of the material you are looking for. 

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