Creative Hub

The Landor Creative Hub was born from the frequent requests & enquiries from creatives, when sharing ideas and projects with us.  We want to encourage creativity and innovation so we have opened the doors of our Fleet office to share both our spaces and our resources. 

The Landor Creative Hub is located in central fleet Hampshire. However our facilities in duplicate in Bolton is also open to creatives.

With a wide resource of developers, printers, designers, and artists throughout our partner network, our Creative Hub is a resource for anyone looking for creative inspiration, development and support with a leading edge advantage, or for those looking for a missing link in order to transfer their idea or their vision into reality. If you have a creative idea that you would like to develop we would like to help.

Based in Fleet Hampshire, and in Bolton Lancashire, we welcome our doors to designers, creatives, marketeers, developers, printers and entrepreneurs to share ideas and use the vast web of resources we have and our business network enables us to tap into.

If you have a product or a venture where you think our products and technology can help you, we will be delighted to consult with you privately or under NDA. Just get in touch. 

Perhaps you just need a place to think, work, design, print, finish or paint? Perhaps you would like to work with like minded people, professionals, artists and designers. Get in touch today and lets see how we can build and materialise these ideas together!

For further information on the Creative Hub please email us at, or call us +44 1252 624411

If you have a technical challenge or you are looking for a solution to realise a project, please do get in touch with us! We welcome and encourage you to share these challenges you have. Pushing the limits of technology or innovation, we would be delighted to help. 


Creative Hub

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