EAZYWALLZ AND LANDOR UK: Business Partners who Stick Together


Eazywallz Vintage Floral Wallpaper using Landor UK Phototex

Eazywallz believes that every wall has a story to tell, and its high quality, custom wallpapers and wall murals and are the key to letting yours unfold. With unique designs ranging from the latest trends in interior design to original artworks produced in collaboration with photographers, illustrators and painters alike, eazywallz has something to satisfy the complete scope of décor preferences and needs. Developed with the consumer in mind, eazywallz proposes made-to-measure wallpapers and wall murals engineered for diverse usage in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, corporate offices, wellness centres and personal living spaces, to name just a few. Eazywallz’ internationally acclaimed removable wallpaper and wall mural solution is powered by Phototex, a patented self-adhesive peel-and-stick wallpaper sourced exclusively from Landor UK.

Why Eazywallz sticks with Landor UK Phototex

When it comes to removable wallpaper, there is no compromising on quality. A generic version of self-adhesive wallpaper often damages walls once removed. Furthermore, generic papers are known for their frequent rips and wrinkles, not to mention curling edges or even completely falling off the wall!

Eazywallz exclusively sources Phototex from Landor UK, guaranteeing only the best version possible of the removable wallpaper concept. You can expect and enjoy all of the following benefits from Landor UK’s exceptional Phototex self-adhesive peel-and-stick removable wallpaper:


  • Phototex leaves absolutely ZERO no residue behind once removed, ensuring your wall remains in the same state it was in when you began.
  • If your wall is painted, you can rest assured that Phototex won’t flake or peel off any layers of paint.


  • The absence of glue means that your home will remain spick and span throughout installation.
  • If the mural happens to get dirty, you can safely wipe it clean without any risk of running colours thanks to its durable polyester composition.


  • Installing traditional wallpaper is a project in itself. The dust, the glue, not to mention the risk of incorrectly positioning the paper and having to begin again. With Landor Phototex’s self-adhesive material, wallpaper installation is simplified to a painless peel-and-stick gesture. Goodbye glue, goodbye dust… and if you somehow install it the wrong way, you can simply unstick it and start over again. Don’t worry, it won’t lose its stickiness!


Eazywallz’s diverse client portfolio includes artchitects, interior designers and advertisers to name just a few. Its customers used Landor Phototex to bring diverse and exciting projects to life — check out some past projects below to get inspired for your own!

Sponsor Walls

Event Branding

Window and Mirror Decals

Stair Wraps

Elevator Door Murals

Photo Walls

For further information on Eazywallz, please visit www.eazywallzparis.com.

For further information on Landor Phototex, please visit www.phototex.co.uk.

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