Empowering Eco-Friendly Creativity: The Phototex Revolution in Wall & Surface transformation – Printing Interiors by Landor

At Landor, our Phototex peel and stick adhesive fabric stands as a testament to innovation, offering unparalleled ease of installation. With its unique removable and repositionable adhesive, Phototex ensures surfaces remain undamaged no matter how many times installed, removed, repositioned, or even reused, ultimately culminating in recycling at the end of its lifecycle. Our specialization lies in providing a solution/product (Phototex) designed to address the technical challenges encountered in post-print processes, particularly installations. Installation requires very little skill and is easy for almost anyone and removal or change over is virtually effortless and returns walls to their original (un damaged) state saving hours of labour usually attibuted to wallcoverings and surface coverings 


As printer OEMs and material suppliers continuously develop their offerings, our R&D endeavors take a distinctive approach. Rather than focus solely on enhancing our products, we collaborate closely with print service providers (PSPs), brand owners, and end-users to streamline processes and minimize energy consumption, waste generation, labour requirements, and disruptions associated with our products’ usage.

In addition, our commitment to R&D extends beyond product improvement—it optimises application and processes. Centred in our mission to foster environmentally friendly practices, we explore every avenue to integrate sustainability into the post-print workflow. By pushing the boundaries of our products and exploring their potential benefits, we aim to ensure that design and creativity remain uncompromised, even in the face of evolving eco-friendly substrate requirements.

Unlike traditional substrate manufacturers, our approach involves actively integrating our products into applications while encouraging creativity among designers. This synergy aims to promote environmentally conscious design choices, resulting in reduced material and hardware usage, thereby minimizing waste and energy consumption. By leveraging the expertise of installation professionals alongside designers, we achieve visually impactful results while still optimizing efficiency and reducing costs.

Ultimately, our R&D efforts revolve around leveraging existing materials and minimizing construction requirements, facilitating collaboration between installers and designers to create a more efficient and impactful visual communications environment. As the industry embraces an array of new eco-friendly products, we anticipate a shift towards valuing reduced labor and waste, potentially balancing out the costs associated with certain substrates. It’s our hope that this approach will not only drive sustainability but also enhance the overall cost-effectiveness of projects in the long run.

Derric Landor, Founder & Managing Director , Landor UK 

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