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Conrad Davies: Motivation and Creation in sports arenas

With over twenty five years experience Conrad Davies has not only produced work for large companies, in many differing fields of business, but he has also serviced with the same professionalism many smaller to mid-sized companies across the spectrum of creative disciplines.

It’s not often that you find a product that not only enhances your creativity while giving you great flexibility and time saving.

Specialising in every aspect of design with a mix of graphic styles underpinned by a vast range of experience with key household brands he is always questioning the creative output to help maximise the visual and motivational effects of the work he produces.

Recognising that all companies, large or small, require good clean branding which can be rolled out across multiple marketing areas. He has created many corporate identities for clients ensuring a significant return on their creative investment.

Conrad has been producing vibrant heart thumping passionate imagery within the stadium of one of Europes biggest football clubs for over 20 years and in the last 2 years he has discovered Landor Phototex self adhesive fabric. “Wow this has changed the way we look at presenting our designs onto the interiors of corporate boxes and suites”. WHY? “Because there are limited windows of opportunity within a season to create or update the facilities and we have to work around the staff/events so finding a unique substrate which not only gives a superb depth of colour but is flexible when encountering curves or differing surfaces has made significant improvement to what we can offer.”

The Manchester United Academy at Carrington was Conrad’s largest project where the corridors had large floor to ceiling designs. “Matching drops over large areas and leaving no visible joins is a real positive and with its ability to be fitted and repositioned with ease means a lot of time saving not to mention the fact no glue or paste needed so no mess within the areas.”

“We can be in and out quickly and with no mess, even being able to fit when a suite is dressed ready for an event, this is also a great advantage for the end customer as they know that no or minimal disturbance will be created to their everyday workflow”. Another good example is how it has changed his fitters ability to apply graphics when only given a short time to do so “We are transforming 27 corporate boxes at Hull City FC in June and have told client it will only take 5 working days to fi t the lot, a fraction of the time it would have taken if we had used vinyl”.

Conrad was recently commissioned to create “The Golden Experience’ under the North stand at Leeds Rugby League stadium is another great example of where we used Landor Phototex.

They were so pleased it led to further projects including the ‘Golden Decade’ display within the stadium reception area.

Conrad concludes “It’s not often that you fi nd a product that no only enhances your creativity while giving you great fl exibility and time saving; Landor Phototex does all of this and more”.

Conrad Davies:

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