Landor Phototex – The Inspirational Adhesive Fabric

Landor Phototex has made an inspirational mark throughout the sign and display, Point of sale, Interiors, Photo, art and Events market for the past 10 years. In 2010 it made its first television appearance on the Gadget show, where Tommy Walsh and Suzi Peri competed decorating a wall by applying a traditional wall paper versus Landor Phototex.  The result : Phototex was the clear winner!

Landor Phototex has inspired and enhanced many homes, offices, Retail and public venues as well as museums, galleries and sometimes the most unusual places inside and outside.

For many it has solved many visual design, install problems or challenges. For others it has covered or transformed work, home, leisure and public venues in ways that just simply were not possible before. Added branding, added transformation, added effect and added inspiration as well as added choice of surface imaging has gone to depths not so easy a feat until Landor Phototex was created. One of the greatest challenges today is the versatility, durability, and stability of printed images and the transformation of a wall, or surface without the potential damage when that space needs to be changed.

The magic of Landor Phototex  presents itself not only in its naturally woven polyester fabric and its ink receptivity and compatibility with almost all ink technologies, but even more particularly in the adhesive itself. Even now there are no known adhesives, let alone a fabric adhesive that can attach to a wall and yet be repositioned up to 200 times, remain stable throughout its life, be it short term or long term without a change in the adhesive. Usually, after a very short time after adhering, a film or paper adhesive hardens and consequently causes damage either from adhesive residue or surface damage, rendering the need for repair, or renewal of walls before they can be re-used.  This extra cost, disruption and bottleneck are not an issue with Landor Phototex.

Today Landor Phototex continues to retain its recognised and proud position as the single most successful selling adhesive printable fabric in the world.

It all started whilst at University for this passionate  and ambitious  South Korean manufacturer, wanting to create a printable fabric. His hard work and determination were soon rewarded and made Landor Phototex possible, and a pleasurable solution to many.

What we did not know was that not only would the creative-minded, such as artists, photographers and interior designers grasp on this novel and aesthetic substrate but the sign and display, retail, advertising and promotional markets would want it as much and more, as it became clear that time, labour, skill, and effort would be saved in the list of many common risks and events that are commonplace when applying adhesive substrates in most common interiors and surfaces.

Landor phototex will last as long as 7-10 years and have posters, stickers and wallpapers to prove this and are now celebrating ten years

Sports events managed by FIFA, World Olympics, Euro 2016, to mention but a few are proof that despite its higher material cost, Landor phototex self- adhesive fabric is at the forefront of everyone’s imagination as to how best cover walls and surfaces quickly, tirelessly and painlessly.

Landor UK Ltd is the Pan European, MEA distributor for Landor Phototex Self adhesive fabric. Through its channel of partners in distribution and in print, Landor manage and support a wide segment of the print and display industry with the proven best in adhesive and fabric print .

Landor is also a specialist in the coating and protection of digital prints providing added protection for all types of digital prints inside and outside against the risks of premature damage or degradation of inkjet prints. Using Landor liquid lamination coating products on Landor phototex will further more enhance, protect and secure the longevity of Landor phototex prints in public places,  keeping the ink and surface protected from chemical, UV fade and abrasion.

For more information please contact Landor UK Ltd on +44 1252 624411 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.