Phototex - Retail and Point-of-Sale

Immediate impact

Easy Installation and no Damage

For striking. customised and eye-catching displays that are quick to install and even quicker to change: Just pull them down yourself! – Phototex is the ideal self-adhesive fabric for retail and point-of-sale environments.

No residue means  no surface damage, no repair work and no down time or disruption to your business – Phototex won’t damage surfaces, no matter how many times you peel and stick it. Phototex self adhesive fabric adheres perfectly and safely, and  can be changed in seconds to keep up with fast moving retail displays.

Phototex  can even be re-used, no matter how many times without adhesive failure, unlike other films and pvc vinyl.  Phototex is also  100% recyclable in your Dry waste recycle bin!


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Point of sale graphic applications

Examples of Phototex in retail environments.

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