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Liquid Lamination Blog

Consider lamination for outdoor signage

It’s all very well printing huge coverings and colourful tension systems, but how do you keep them durable and looking good for longer?

Liquid Lamination Blog

ClearShield water-based Liquid Laminates

Landor ClearShield is the liquid lamination coating for water resistant media/ink combinations and solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV inks

Liquid Lamination Blog

What are clear coatings and liquid laminates?

Clear coatings and liquid laminates or Giclee varnish are an inexpensive way to protect prints, digital wall coverings, fine art, canvas, signs, banners, soft-signage, truck sides, and awnings


Introduction to Liquid Lamination

See our brief introduction to Liquid Lamination – what are the key benefits and what are your options for increasing the durability of your printed displays with liquid lamination


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