Phototex Original

Phototex is as temporary or as permanent as you need. The choice is always yours

Wherever and whatever you need to print, Phototex always looks good…

  • Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Shopping centres
  • Offices
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Schools and Universities
  • Museums



Original Phototex

The original versions of PhotoTex is ideal for single prints, doors, and elevators.

It is our most popular product for events and promotions as it is so versatile. It is ideal for a wide range of purposes as it can be used on windows, as cut-outs and it can also be backlit.

The original Phototex comes in 2 different variants:

Phototex – The original version of Phototex. Coating can be printed with Aqueous, UV or Latex Inks. Roll Sizes: 17”, 24”, 42”, 50” , 54″ & 60” x 30.5m & 54″x 45m

Phototex(s) – The solvent-coated version of Phototex. Can be printed with any Solvent, UV or Latex Inks. Rolls Sizes: 30”, 42”, 50”, 54”,& 60” x 30.5m and 54” x 45m.

Phototex Original Peel and Stick Fabric

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