Phototex Product Range

Phototex is as temporary or as permanent as you need. The choice is always yours

Wherever and whatever you need to print, Phototex always looks good…

  • Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Shopping centres
  • Offices
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Schools and Universities
  • Museums



Original Phototex

The original versions of PhotoTex is ideal for single prints, doors, and elevators. Translucent with 70% opacity and can be backlit 

It is our most popular product for single print signs, posters, photography and elevator doors as it is so versatile. It is ideal for a wide range of purposes as it can be used on windows, as cut-outs,  and it can also be see through at Night inbacklit. It transforms yet blends in beautifully with Museum and gallery wallss and artworks. 

Phototex Original comes with 

The original Phototex comes in 2 different variants:

Phototex – The original version of Phototex. Coating can be printed with Aqueous, UV or Latex Inks. Roll Sizes: 17”, 24”, 42”, 50” , 54″ & 60” x 30.5m & 54″x 45m

Phototex(s) – The solvent-coated version of Phototex. Can be printed with any Solvent, UV or Latex Inks. Rolls Sizes: 30”, 42”, 50”, 54”,& 60” x 30.5m and 54” x 45m.

Provides up to 99% block-out – Great for cut outs, murals, wallpaper, wall decor and hides see through on overlapping/paneling. Works well with Low and No VOC paints, textured walls w/ 20% stronger removable tack than the original and Best for cut-outs.

Phototex OPAQUE comes in 2 different variants:

(OPA) Opaque/Block Out – Opaque Phototex can be printed with Aqueous, UV & Latex Inks. Roll Sizes: 42”, 54″ & 60” x 30.5m

(OPAS) Solvent Opaque/Block Out – For Solvent & UV inks available in: Roll Sizes: 42″, 54” & 60” x 30.5m

Phototex Opaque​


Phototex (EX) & (EXS)​​

Phototex (EX) & (EXS) – A 50% Higher-Tack version of the original versions of Phototex.

Great for textured walls with eggshell & orange peel paints, permanent installs with 50% stronger tack. Outdoor use, Flooring, external walls/cement, tight weave carpets. Also works with some specialist paints, ie: soil resistant paints

Phototex EX comes in 2 different variants:

(EX) – Aqueous Version available in 42” x 30.5m

(EXS) – Solvent Version available in 50″ & 54” x 30.5m

Key Advantages agains any other Self adhesive PVC or Films : 
  • Durable, long lasting, & Stable : no Shrink or expansion
  • Water and abrasion resistance
  • Single piece removals when Finished
  • No Residue or damage to surface/walls – prevents surface repairs 
  • Anyone can remove when Finished (and replace immediately) 
  • Eco Friendly: Re-useable and Recylable
  • Aesthetic material for decoration, Art, Photographic installations
  • Store away and re-use another time or season

For added longevity and Durability Liquid Lamination will double the life of your prints 


Liquid lamination of your prints will add an extra protection to your prints enabling at least double the life. Protect the value of your assets, image and visibility with our choice of coating finishes against the effects of abrasion, water, chemicals, pollution, and UV fade 

Our anti Microbial coatings are ISO 22196 certified to protect and resist the chance of transmission of bacteria such as e-coli and mrsa in high touch areas or applications. 


Phototex Product Range

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