Phototex with Anti-Microbial Coating Provide Dementia-Friendly Graphics Installations


Landor UK and Radwraps Wall Graphics Systems have created dementia-friendly wall graphics designed to provide a therapeutic and nostalgic environment for dementia patients for many years. They are using Phototex self-adhesive fabric to provide complete graphics solutions that can be installed with minimal disruption to carers, patients and residents. The prints are then coated with Landor’s ColourShield liquid laminate anti-microbial coating, which adds greater durability and image quality and is Certified ISO 22196 offering 99% protection from harmful germs and bacteria.

In a major report on dementia in the UK by the Alzheimers Society, there are currently more than 900,000 people in the UK living with dementia. 1 in 14 people over 65 have dementia, increasing to 1 in 6 for over 80s. Although there is not currently a cure for dementia, healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and residential care homes, can support the wellbeing and safety of their patients and residents by creating a comforting environment using appropriate graphics and imagery.

“The benefits of dementia-friendly signage and environments are well documented and proven to be a huge benefit to patients and carers. Not only do they provide a soothing environment, they also inspire positive conversations with carers, friends and family through nostalgic memories initiated by the graphics,” says James Maddocks, Director at Radwraps.

He continues, “It is critically important that when we install graphics into care homes and hospitals that it causes minimal disruption. When the images need to be changed, Phototex is also very easy to remove and replace, which again minimises disruption for the care setting and residents. Landor Phototex is absolutely the perfect product for this application because it incredibly quick and easy to install and remove. It also has no smell, leaves no residue and never damages the surfaces when it is removed. It can be applied to just about any surface, including walls, doors, floors and ceilings and to cap it all, it is fully recyclable.”

The graphics are coated with Landor ColourShield anti-microbial to protect the image from day-to-day exposure and damage as well as providing ISO 22196 certified protection from 99% of harmful germs and bacteria. “Landor’s Phototex self-adhesive fabric with ColourShield anti-microbial liquid laminate coating provides a complete graphics solution that is effective and safe for patients, residents and carers.”

Derric Landor, Managing Director of Landor UK, says, “This is the perfect application for Landor. Phototex is unlike any other fabric as it will never leave a residue when removed. It delivers a fully recyclable print solution that looks great and can be installed quickly and easily and can then be removed just as easily and with no damage. In addition, our anti-microbial coating solution is easy to apply and enhances the prints while also providing protection from most harmful germs and bacteria, which is essential in healthcare environments. Radwraps delivers a fantastic and important service to people with dementia and we are delighted to support them.”

James adds, “Patients and residents with dementia have most likely grown up in the area and will probably have visited locations of natural beauty many times. We use local images of beauty, which can invoke long term memory and provide talking points. The scenes also look serene and provide a calming environment to help patients and residents feel safe.”

He concludes, “We are so pleased to be working with Landor to deliver these solutions because their products are so perfect for the application. Phototex is a dream to work with. Easy to install and when you peel it from the walls it’s like it was never there. The Anti-Microbial coating is also very easy to apply and although it provides great protection, you wouldn’t know it was there. These are fantastic products for an application that provides comfort and support for thousands of people.”

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