Shell Scheme Exibition Graphics Made Easy with Phototex Peel and Stick Repositionable Fabric

As the Uk and european distributor of Phototex peel and stick repositionable fabric, we distribute, as well as project manage  Phototex peel and stick throughout the UK and europe. 

We have been using Phototex for all our shell scheme exhibitions for over 15 years. We have always saved so much time and do not need installer skills to  use Phototex. It just peels and sticks as much and as many times you would ever need it and will never leave residue when removed

We are a case study of our own! 

 By using Phototex Self adhesive fabric cut to size – you can peel and stick yourself until you are satisfied with the layout of your graphics. It takes no time to complete a 3m x 3m Stand. Ours took less than  one hour for one person. In 2019 the full size panels we did with 18m2 cost us  €700 for the installation cost and the travel expenses of a 2 man team. The stand 2 man installation team took about 45 minutes to complete .

This was our Fespa Show 2023- 24m2. Using variable size  Stickers, applied directly onto shell Schemes exhibition panels, was an easy self install by one person. Completed in just over one hours. The versatility of  Phototex, repositionable, meant we could rearrange the graphics as well as use less material. All of these can  be repositioned as many times as you need or want to make the most of your promotions and visual communicaitons, making them as impactful and effective as possible.

No installations teams are needed !

Unlike all other materials, there will never  be adhesive strength, edge peel, or edge curling thanks to the woven fabric and its stable and durable adheisve and printed images.  You can reposition at least 100 times 

Phototex is so stable, durable and versatile that it can be folded up into a suitcase and taken on the plane or put in the hold. 

Folded onto themselves will not damage the  adhesive, evidence of the stability and extreme durabiliy of the adhesive.  Phototex will not crease!

Alternatively you can wrap a tube with some unprinted phototex then use the tube to wrap all your graphics for re-use another time or to adorn your own offices and spaces at the end of the show. 

Phototex has been certified to be dry waste recyclable  Ph

Phototex Graphic used in 2023 Munich Show, stored away for 10 months then re-used for 2024 Amsterdam Show. Retained and packed away for the next event!

This graphic was printed on Phototex and coated with our anti-microbial coating that is certified to ISO 22196. It was initially installed at our 2023 Munich exhibition then re-moved, and re-installed at our 2024 Amsterdam exhibition. 

Despite its adhesion to itself during the 10 month storage between  shows,  there was no degradation of the print, or the adhesive. No creases either! This  Phototex Graphic held up very well and has been once again stored away for a further use. 


2024 Amsterdam show using small panels for easy and adjustable fit to the panels. 

This 2024 Amsterdam Fespa Exhibition used full width but  only partial length panels which proved also highly beneficial. It was easy to install and place at optimum viewing height. 

Adjusting and levelling  larger panels can  be challenging but with its permissive adhesive Phototex can be removed and repositioned easily without any damage to  adhesive and of course no adhesive residue on the panels 

Phototex can be installed in minutes and is very forgiving and enables repositioning as many times as you need to until it is right where you want it. No Installers needed 

Velcro has damaged these panels., which  will result in repair fees to the exhibition company for damaged panels

The temptation to use innovative solutions like Velcro to mount panels to the stands can be very costly as the exhibition organizers will charge a fee for repairing or replacing damaged panels . 

On close inspection, the adhesive from the  Velcro tape has damages the panels.

If you would like advice or assistance in planning your next trade show shell scheme graphics using Phototex, please get in touch with us. We have a large network of qualified printers across the UK and  europe who can help you have an easy to organize and fit exhibiton

email us: or telephone us tel:+44 1252 624 411

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