Replace PVC with Phototex Peel and Stick Fabric, Saving Over 75% Time, Cost, Materials & Waste

You can dramatically change the effect and inspiration of your retail displays, optimising your own spaces and surfaces:  All your walls, surfaces, windows, floors, and even your ceilings!. But that is not all. Any surface you have that is non porous, or smooth can be transformed in minutes to become a key part or an added asset to your retail graphics, and decoration. Whether your project or your needs are promotion, Advertising, Branding or Decoration, you can be part of a transformation or regular transformation without using PVC.  Easy to transform and engage with your current spaces and using less waste and materials!

Times must change, and with this must be the materials we use, and how we use them. We should not allow the low cost and instability of PVC as a substrate be the driving factors that causes every installation to cost more than it should be due to the high labour, skill and repairs that comes with every PVC installation. You can now be proactive with transforming your venues, walls, & spaces with durable, eco-friendly, and sustainable materials. 

At Landor we can change alot of things for you. Phototex effectively goes up with ease and comes down even easier. No Pvc comes down as easily and quickly and damage free as Phototex! During its stay on your walls and surfaces, Phototex  protects your walls from the damage that any other installation will cause to your walls, as well as the extra labour, the late night working overtime to remove adhesive from surfaces, and prepare the walls for the morning!  

How better than to invest your efforts and time into stunning graphics, welcoming and warming graphics, promotions and branding that will give your whole environment the feel and the look that will gain you customers and respect for the taste of your environment. 

Sustainability has been the forefront of our products and services for over 15 years, long before it became the right thing to improve upon. 

Our liquid lamination coatings as well as Phototex polyester fabric continue to be an important contribution to the durability as well as sustainability future for print and its light fastness and its longer life stability. 

Phototex is repositionable as many times as you need it to be. It will never lose its adhesive strength and it will always forgive  the installers who didnt quite get the positioning right first time. No edge curl like plastic films and no water ingress or de-lamination of the adhesive. If you are keen to avoid the hours often spent removing small broken up pieces of vinyl and plastic (including non pvc films),  or un necessary laminate films to provide added re-inforcement for vinyl adhesives, or  almost as much time again removing stubborn adhesive elments left and stubbornly stuck on your walls and surfaces then using phototex peel and stick adhesive fabric  that just peels off, will remove the labourous hours, energy, and disruption necessary for every other wall and surface project. 

Phototex peel and stick fabric is woven, so it is an added class of its own when it comes to displaying graphics on a wall. Its matt effect and highly vibrant colours make an impact and is durable in almost any environment (even outdoors) . If you have longer term plans for your installation, our outdoor applications where added durability is a sustainable solution for you,  then you can liquid laminate on the wall when finished to add at least another . Landor expertise in coatings and coating systems will advise you what works best, what is needed and what is not! We can also help with anti-graffiti coating protection as well as anti-microbial protection in high traffic and high touch areas

State of the art print production & finishing systems are now efficient to enable us to deliver your unique retail display campaigns of excellent quality as well as using our sustainable and eco friendly materials. Using our  expert knowledge and resources, we can advise on materials, methods of print and finishing to produce the impact you need to transform areas in store, that will maintaining brand consistency across every element of your projects. Removal and safe recycling of any existing materials and at the point of change or install is guaranteed.  Your new campaigns will be fully eco-friendly and we can consult and advise with your design teams as well as your marketing and promotions teams. 



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Using our expertise and resources in working in retail environments we can help you to find innovative printed solutions for your displays. We can work with your designers, project managers and your printers as well as your installers to ensure you get the value, sustainability and the inspiration your are looking for your retail outlets. 

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