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In today’s world, where environmental sustainability and resource efficiency take precedence, event planners face a critical task of balancing practicality with impact. Considering factors like cost, labour, and environmental footprint is essential for the success of any event.

While cost-effectiveness is a priority, it’s important to recognize that the cheapest option may not align with environmental goals. – Often the labour element is overlooked!

Historically, PVC has been popular for its affordability in various applications like decoration, branding, and advertising. However, its environmental repercussions are often underestimated. The true costs, such as the extensive labour required for the graphics removal and surface repair, are frequently underestimated or omitted from initial proposals. These hidden expenses can significantly inflate project budgets, unbeknownst to users, brands, agencies, or venue owners.

It’s widely understood that the bulk of expenses in retail, event, decoration, branding, or museum projects stem from labour costs rather than materials. This underscores the importance of considering not just the upfront cost but also the long-term environmental and financial impacts when making decisions.


Diversity of application and stablity of Phototex has made it a showcase in applications with ceilings. From the retail outlet to the doctor’s surgery it is quite useful to have an easy to install, line up and match up especially when decorating the ceiling with Phototex. 

Its stable adhesive continues to make us proud of its capabilities and its dependability.

Every time you use Phototex repositionable and removable fabric, your installation labour costs can be cut down by at least 75%  when you replace self adhesive PVC vinyl or other plastic alternative films.  Many of these films have been mounted with plastic film to ease the install, and stablise the vinyl on the walls. When you remove  PVC vinyl materials, The repair and the refurbishment as well as repainting of the walls, is what takes the time and costs. Phototex peel and stick fabric, just peels off the wall. Your removal costs are now 95%  what it takes to remove almost any other wall adhesive. 

 Meanwhile, Phototex self adhesive fabric has just protected the walls from damage while decorating and adorning your walls. Now you can immediately install your next project, or pull off Phototex knowing that your walls are preserved. 

Workplace Graphics
Ceiling Graphics
Retail & Hospitality


Phototex works really well for self adhesive stickers and is removable as well as repositionable. Large or small decals with its unique self adheisve formulation and construction ensures all types of doors from push through doors, to office and retail units offer versatility for your Stickers, decals or full width and large length door graphics.  Dont forget the Lift doors! Peel and stick in minutes!
No matter how much use your doors get, you can be re-assured there will be no reduction in the adhesive strength, and no edge peel occuring throughout the life of your prints.  All smooth surfaces are welcoming and consistent for phototex placement, large or small, stickers or panels, circular or square decals, all work very well together. 

In our health care environment Phototex Anti-microbial is the essential choice. Available with own  ISO 22196 certified anti-microbial coatings.  It could be an added revenue stream also in public venues.

Healthcare & Anti-Microbial
Counters and Panels

Counters and Surfaces

You can optimise your counters and surfaces, providing added Branding exposure, yet protecting the surfaces  every time you use or change the graphics. Phototex will also keep  them clean and impactful (without plastic film overlamination). 

Phototex will not edge curl thanks to its highly stable and dependable adheisve strength yet never damage the surface. It is always best to use smooth non porous surfaces.

Phototex stands as the preferred choice across various sectors, including exhibition centers, public venues, hotels, theaters, and commercial workspaces. It serves as the ideal branding partner for sports events and other public gatherings, particularly in scenarios where the expense and risk associated with surface removal and repair are prohibitive..

Phototex revolutionizes the landscape of visual communication, art, and decoration across all properties, whether commercial, private, or public. By eliminating risks and concerns, it enhances quality and amplifies impact, setting a new standard in creative expression

Where al ot of events take place, given the time and expense to re-paint the walls after each event, Phototex prevents these issues.

Venue owners often resort to prohibiting wall graphics due to concerns or limitations. However, Phototex offers a unique advantage to both venue owners and clients seeking to adorn their spaces temporarily. This added flexibility not only benefits venue owners by preserving surfaces but also empowers clients to decorate and enhance premises for short-term needs.

We  would be delighted to show your Phototex personally. Send us your own image and we will print this onto Phototex.  We can print your own bespoke image of choice, large or small. 

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