Transform your Gallery Exhibitions with Dynamic graphics and murals surrounding your Artworks

When it comes to Gallery exhibitions and installations, how better a way can it be to complement the installations with artwork that attaches and blends your walls and enhances the venue with such ease and yet also protects your walls from damage after use? No more failed permissions to use the walls again!

Phototex consistently protect the walls it adorns. and when projects are finished is so easy to remove damage and labour free.  Just pull it off the wall! Phototex will never damage the walls nor will it ever leave any residue behind. No other self-adhesive, especially vinyl has the stability, the durability and sustainability of Phototex,. Now you can eliminate Repair and down time with nil surface repair costs. Anyone can pull Phototex off the wall in moments. In no time at all, your walls will be clean and safe and ready to use again or just return to normal. 

MATRIXIAL SPACES @ Luisa Catucci Gallery – Berlin

Installation Advantage

 Phototex is so easy to install almost anyone can do it. The time and disruption when installing is vastly reduced saving at least 75% of normal installation time, as well as Installion costs. With its durable and stable adhesive, no matter how many times you peel and stick, you will never lose the adhesive strength or incur the usual edge curl issues you would when using almost any other self adhesive vinyl or  plastic films. Aligning or re-aligning Phototex is not a problem, even for the lesser qualified installer! No special wall preparation is required for most smooth, dry walls and non-porous surfaces alike.

Courtesy: Artist Loreal Prystaj 

Removal or Re-useable Advantage

Phototex is the ultimate solution for both long-term and short-term wall and surface decoration, branding, or surface transformation due to its exceptional versatility, stability, and durability. Phototex non-damaging adhesive, makes removing or replacing Phototex surface coverings, quick and easy for everyone, with no challenges in just peeling off the walls or surfaces. Best of all there is no need, nor worry for residual wall repairs, repointing, priming or repainting, and best of all no disruption to the premises or venue when removing, as it is so quick. Professional installers are not necessary. Anyone can peel it safely and quickly off the wall. In the last exhibit Loreal was able to reuse her printed artwork

Landor are experts for adding protection and longevity of the printed image. Our liquid Lamination coatings can even further protect your images and double their life and remove the vulnerability of un laminated digital prints. Washable, scratch resistant, and even UV resistant measn that you can at least double most of your prints with our Liquid Lamination solutions.  Ask us abour our Liquid Lamination Coating  products and service, as well as our Anti-graffiti and anti-microbial (ISO 22196 certified) solutions.  

About the Exhibition:   Matrixial Spaces brings together seven unique photographic positions that deal intensively with the symbolic feminine gaze, as well as the psychologic maternal dimension of the creative process that goes along with it,  The Matrix (from Latin matrix, »womb«) The concept of Inner Space, from which art and photography ultimately spring, is closely related to this. Creativity can be understood as the fruitful mergence of an external, haptic reality with an internal, emotional one, resulting in the artwork.

Against this background, the exhibited works deal with the creative process and this inherently symbolic-feminine perception manoeuvring between art, aesthetic theory, philosophy, and psychology. Enhancement as well as compliment adorns the artwork by bringing the entire exhibit and the visuals together for added meaning. 

It has been our pleasure to assist and support Loreal in her work.  Previous to this exhibit Loreal was able to re[use her visuals in a second

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