What Makes Phototex repositionable fabric so special?

Phototex is one of those rare and unique inventions that no one has yet been able to match.

Designed by its founder in south Korea over 20 years ago, Phototex still  has that edge that no other self adhesive fabric has yet been able to approach. Why? because the technology of adhesives in the first place is such that almost all adhesives will alter slightly over time and once exposed to the air. Coated usually to transfer to the rear of a media with the help of a lining paper, (you coat the lining paper and not the substrate) most adhesives develop their strength of adhesion once the air gets to it. What makes phototex so unique is the magic formulation that ensures it remains the same, remains stable throughout the life of the print.


Today we can show you our boardroom pictures that were initially installed at the Earls Court Exhibition centre in 2012, at 100 percent design show. At the end of the show we removed the phototex panels, rolling them onto themselves and loading them into our vehicle and eventually took them to our operations centre, in Bolton, Lancashire, UK over 230 miles away, where we installed them in our boardroom. Once up there we kept them for ten years until November 2022 when we removed them from the walls and repainted the boardroom. Once completed we returned the images to the freshly painted walls and to this day and still standing, 12 years on the prints are as stable as they were the day they were put up and still adhering without any sign of weakening of the adhesive.

With Landor phototex we are also proud not just of the stability of the adhesive but of its durability because tests carried out by independant users and customers suggest you can  remove and reposition as many times as 100 before any sign of weakeness, and this is usually attributed to the added dirt and grime that comes mixed up on the surface of the material, but rarely remains stuck to the adhesive.

No Residue is the other guarantee we can offer based on experience and real life history for the past 20 years. Smooth non porous walls will not leave residue behind when you remove phototex. this will of course save you hours of work, time, labour and premises disruption of closure usually attributed to all other adhesive graphics.  so just look at the added time and costs.

Needless to say in addition to the advantages and benefits, phototex is also highly durable because of its weave of polyester fibres. with the texture you are guaranteed added durability. With this and the combination of high quality durable inks such as UV, latex  you can be assured of much longer lasting prints. However, failing that, if you need even more protection for longer lasting or high traffice venues, then speak to us as we are also experts in coating for the added protection and longevity of prints. www.liquid-lamination.co.uk

For more information contact us on tel:+44 1252 624 411 or email us :info@phototex.co.uk

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